In an office environment, it is easy for individuals to fall into a routine. Yet, in the current economic climate, companies expect a much more aggressive approach to cash collections: cash targets have to be stretched. My corporate management experience has taught me that all it takes is a different approach and a few new ideas to make an immediate and positive impact to increase cash flow activities.

Our Credit and Debt Management Training service helps SMEs work on their credit management skills without us taking an active involvement in the business.

Our half day training course  looks at  new ways of optimising the use of your current software accounting package and your  current credit control  procedures.  After the session, you will be equipped with  new effective and  hands on solutions to manage your current  debtors.

We offer one-to-one or small group  training (maximum of 7).

The topics covered include :

  • Order to Cash Process Cycle
  • Successful Cash Management Strategies
  • Credit Checking Essentials

By helping you and your staff understand  your customers better and improving overall cash collection activities, we will be effectively reducing your  overall debtor day and any outstanding or recurring queries. This will in turn limit your risk of bad debts.

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